Revstream and gaap accounting
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Advanced Revenue Recognition Management
Revenue Manager
Revstream's Revenue Manager module is one of the most comprehensive and advanced revenue management applications available. It has been chosen by some of the largest public and private software, hardware, digital media and entertainment companies to manage and automate their entire revenue management process – from fair value rating and analysis to allocations, deferrals, scheduling, forecasting and automatic posting to GL. Along with Revstream's Fair Value Manager and Billing Manager, Revstream provides a comprehensive Enterprise Revenue Lifecycle Management Suite of applications designed to work as a complete revenue management solution or as modular extension to your existing financial systems. Revstream Revenue Manager works like the revenue accounting “subledger” in your ERP.
Arrangement scanning to identify units of accounting and revenue elements
Automatic identification linkage of transactions within a complete arrangement to enable cross transaction allocations and carveouts.
Fair value assignment, testing, and determination
Multiple stratifications
Fair value methods (percent of list, percent of net, cost/costplus, amount etc..)
Range tests (low, mid, high, +/- % of BESP/VSOE etc..)
Successive carveout and allocation
Relative allocation 08-01/ 09-3 now 2009-13/14, IFRS convergence)
Residual carve-outs (SOP97-2)
VSOE carve-outs and relative balance re-allcoation (08-1 hybrid)
Embedded carve-outs (percent, amount based)
Post-Allocation carve-outs
Percent of completion (SOP81-1)
Element exclusion (FTB90-1)
Automatically build amortization schedules based on configurable rules
Daily, ratable, service duration..
Manage contingencies – capture and release based on contingent events
Contract execution, fulfillment, provisioning, installation, customer acceptance, percentage of completion, and milestone completion
Manage deferrals of revenue and matching COGS based on these events (recognition criteria)
Adjustments, credits/unbilled revenue management
Revenue true-ups and catchups
Dynamic auto accounting engine to determine GL codes
Automated creation of GL distributions
Retrieve, review, approve and transfer batch to GL for a specific period and operating uni
Automatically create journal entries in GL for approved entries (recognized revenue)
Reject/reverse, re-run, batches and post to GL
Revenue reporting datamart separate from transactional engine
Ability to run revenue recognition as-needed basis for forecasting and planning
Configurable rules for revenue forecasting
Ability to selectively purge data based on date parameters
Flat data structure for quick deployment of reports and dashboards using Oracle BI or any other major analytics or operational reporting tool
Complete audit trail for revenue calculations/holds/approvals/error an exception handling
Ability to configure SOD (segregation of duties)
Pre-packaged testing templates and scripts to enable complete test cycle and audit reviews
Subscription Revenue Management
Software Revenue Management
Billing Management
Fair Value Pricing
Revstream Revenue Manager and Fair Value Manager
Revstream for Digital Media
Revstream for Games & Entertainment
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