Revenue Recognition Manager

Streamline and Automate Revenue Recognition

Today's diverse revenue models and complex multi-element offerings are challenging the capacity of finance to meet revenue management and reporting requirements. RevStream Revenue Recognition Manager automates key revenue recognition processes so finance can proactively promote the success of the business.

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Multiple/Dual Reporting Methods

Easily comply with new revenue standards. Apply different revenue accounting policies to your contracts in order to support ASC 606 and IFRS 15 adoption. Define multiple reporting methods to support dual reporting, recasting, forecasting, statutory, offering modeling, and management reporting requirements.


Multiple/dual reporting methods under Reports


De-bundle numbers, allocate, and carve revenue across performance obligations. Identify contingent revenue for additional deferral, and determine available revenue for each performance obligation.

Allocations under Manage Revenue

Revenue Accounting

Powerful engine to build accounting entries for Receivables, Tax, Statistical Entries, Deferrals, Unbilled, ST/LT Reclass, Contract Asset/ Liability, Allocations, Accruals, Recognition, and FX True-ups. Support for booking into multiple sets of books for intercompany, consolidation, or management reporting requirements.

Revenue accounting under Manage Revenue

Revenue Eligibility

Release available revenue based on triggers and events as prescribed by the reporting method. Robust eligibility calculations driven by events or contract triggers, including percentage of completion, usage based, and event allocation, provide flexibility for diverse product models.

Revenue eligibility under Manage Revenue

Contract Changes

Changes to contracts that affect the transaction price, performance obligations, or revenue policy are automatically applied in RevStream Revenue Recognition Manager. Thus allowing for revenue policy re-application and prospective and retrospective changes.

Contract changes under Manage Revenue

Other Features:

Revenue Netting

Net expense of revenue reversals against open deferred revenue. Support for Credits for Vendor Consideration, Price Protections, Product Returns, as well as Gross/Net Arrangements.

Revenue Scheduling

Flexible, rule-based amortization for actual or forecasted revenue, with support for contract changes, credits, cancellations with prospective and retrospective rebuilds.

Deferred Revenue Management

Manage deferrals and establish deferred revenue balances, with support for contract asset/ liability accounting, unbilled reclass, and Short Term/Long Term reclassification.

Cost and Expense Recognition

Capture COGS, Expense, and Capitalized Costs from Contract Acquisition and Fulfillment and match costs to revenue, or net against revenue.

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