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A True Revenue Accounting Subledger for your ERP
#1 in Revenue & Fair Value Management for Complex Multi-element Arrangements
High Tech

Do you sell multi- element arrangements with software, subscription, maintenance, consulting, training and hardware products?  Are you still using spreadsheets and or customized solutions to perform revenue allocations & carve-outs? Overwhelmed by manually calculating and analyzing BESP/VSOE? Still making Accounts Receivables systems to do Revenue Recognition? Well we all know what this leads to - process becomes cumbersome, error prone and disconnected from the supporting revenue calculations.

Introducing: revstream for High Tech
revstream for high tech offers the most comprehensive and successful enterprise application for automating and managing revenue and performing fair value analysis. None of the major ERP vendors like Oracle, SAP, or Netsuite offer such a robust solution. revstream for High Tech solution is developed from the ground up over the past 5 years, gaining experience with some of the largest global public software and hardware companies. Today revstream for High Tech offers:
Single source of truth for accessing, analyzing and reporting revenue data
Automation of the full revenue accounting lifecycle – linking arrangements > allocations &carveouts> amortization schedules > recognition and posting to GL
Independent management of Order to Revenue and Order to Bill processes
A user interface for revenue analyst to define new rules, review, adjust and post, approved transactions
Revenue and Fair Value manager modules, designed to work independently or as a complete suite
Revenue and Fair Value Manager as embedded Oracle® Ebusiness module or integrated to other ERP systems
Benefits & Features
revstream for high tech revenue and fair value management suite of applications provides an enterprise class transactional system that allows company’s rapid scalability to enable new business models and adoption of new revenue recognition guidance with robust Fair Value and Revenue Management applications.  Each application can be run independently to address a specific need, or as a powerful integrated suite to meet your full Order to Cash and Order to Revenue business flows.
revstream for High Tech is for companies with the following product offerings:
Sell products such as software, hardware and embedded software, services, PCS,or subscription software with services as multi-element arrangements
Need to automate revenue and matching cogs deferrals
Need to enforce several revenue methods as required under US GAAP for EITF08-01/09-3; SOP 97-2; SOP81-1
Need to automate Fair Value determination (ESP/VSOE)
Need to capture and manage selling price hierarchies (VSOE/TPE/BESP)
Need to manage revenue in advance of billing
Need robust reporting for revenue recognition & forecasting
Require a system with ease of adoption for new rules (ex: IFRS convergence)
Revenue and Fair Value Management
Arrangement Scanning to identify Units of Accounting and Revenue Elements
Automatic identification of transactions within a complete arrangement to enable cross transaction allocations and carveouts.
Fair Value Assignment, Testing, and Determination.
Successive carveout and allocation rules to support evolving accounting guidelines (97-2, 08-01, 2009-13/14, IFRS Convergence…) as well as internal policy carveouts.
Application of multiple revenue reporting methods revenue calculation comparison for modeling and accounting guideline compliance.
Capture and application of eligible and contingent events for deferrals and revenue recognition. Automated and dynamic revenue subledger.
Automatic deferral, accrual, and recognition abilities for expenses such as COGS and Royalties Support for complex Revenue Sharing arrangements.
True separation of Billing and Revenue processes
Track unbilled AR and deferred revenue tying back to sales order lines
Automated Hold Management for revenue activity based on transaction attributes or arrangement events.
Revenue forecasting based on estimated events
Allows for revenue rebuild, catchup/trueup in case of adjustments
Integration with tier 1 and tier 2 ERP General Ledger applications to enable seamless Order to Revenue processing.
revstream Revenue Manager looks and works like Oracle.  This made us comfortable due to the familiarity. We use Oracle E-business modules, so having revstream use the same technology, made integrations and training MUCH easier. Additionally, unlike other vendors we had evaluated, simply claimed they could do anything, whereas revstream’s team demonstrated that they not only had a mature product but also were familiar with the technicalities of revenue recognition automation in order to carry on a functional and technical discussion with our revstream Super user

Wendy Collins,  Senior Finance Analyst at VMware Inc,  a $3billion+ virtual cloud technology software company

Revstream for High Tech
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Revstream for Digital Media
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