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The Most Complete Fair Value Analysis Engine in the Market
Fair Value Manager
Capture | Apply Stratifications | Analyze & Test | Determine BESP/VSOE | Activate
The Revstream Fair Value Manager module is a Fair Value analysis and determination solution designed to operate as in independent analysis engine or used with Revstream's Revenue Manager module for a complete enterprise revenue and fair value management application. Business process-based design allows for intuitive Fair Value capture, analysis, and testing based on current or historical revenue transactions, as well as external data. The output of the Fair Value Manager is the validated Fair Values (VSOE, BESP, TPE, etc.) to be used in upcoming quarters by the Revstream Revenue Manager application or other revenue recognition systems.
The Fair Value analysis engine essentially follows a 6 Step process:

Step 1: Capture Live or Historical Evidence
Step 2: Apply Stratifications Sets
Step 3: Calculate or Capture Mid Point
Step 4: Run Tests
Step 5: Analysis and Approvals
Step 6: Activate in Revstream Revenue Manager
Comprehensive transaction load process that will identify, analyze, and perform fair value determination based on optimized stratification levels.
Functional Workbench based User Interface to allow users to review, adjust and approveFair Value calculations.
Automated testing to determine if VSOE, BESP, or other basis has been achieved based on configurable settings.
Batch based transactional review of period data to determine if FV Basis determination is valid.
Integration with revStream Revenue Manager for integrating approved Fair Values into the Fair Value Matrices.
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