Transaction Hub

RevStream Transaction Hub is a powerful repository of contracts, orders, and business events. This module interfaces with existing ERP, CRM, Contracts, Billing, Sales, and other relevant source systems to collect, aggregate, and systematically enable these transactions for revenue recognition. 


Track and analyze across multiple revenue types and complex multi-element arrangements without the use of spreadsheets

Centralize bookings, performance obligations, and arrangement information

Provide the automated tools to identify and analyze linked arrangements


RevStream Transaction Hub datasheet
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Workbench makes it easy to see what items you need to work on when you log on to RevStream in the morning. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of the system, as well as the status of each item. The Workbench will help you identify and fix any errors or material mistakes you may have made. 


RevStream workbench


Arrangement Assignment 

Arrangements, are a grouping of related contracts or transactions. These may be automatically created in RevStream based on configured rules. Arrangement Assignment lets you combine multiple orders into one arrangement and automatically combine orders. A huge time saver, this avoids hours of spreadsheet switching and summarizing, and is far more accurate!


Arrangement assignment under Manage Revenue

Holds and Approvals

RevStream Transaction Hub may suspend orders or contracts from revenue processing by placing then on a "hold" or "unapproved" status. Releasing the hold status, or approving the order, will allow normal system processing. This gives you more control while at the same time reducing risks.


Holds and approvals under Arrangement Summary

Identify Contracts

RevStream enables the application of alternative revenue treatments when specific products are sold in a combination. Ordinarily when products are sold individually, e.g., hardware sold together with non-critical incidental software, the default application changes from one of immediate recognition to rateable recognition. RevStream allows you to choose the recognition application. 


Identify contracts under Transaction Summary

Linking of Arrangements

A contract may generate multiple orders over time. RevStream Transaction Hub gives you the ability to link and combine these separate orders into a single arrangement. Value allocation can then be processed holistically and prevent skewing of revenue data.


Link arrangements under Manage Transactions

Other Features

Business Event Management

View the related fulfillment event(s) for each transaction line, verify performance completion, and thus revenue recognition.

Version and Change Detection

RevStream Transaction Hub automatically tracks transaction changes and provides configurable rules designed to adjust on either a retroactive or prospective basis.

Contract Attachments

To provide additional documentation, RevStream Transaction Hub enables file attachments to transactions with one click.


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