Arrangement Manager

Manage and track your customer contracts in a dynamic revenue application that allows you to define performance obligations and arrangements. Quickly and easily comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 guidance.

Advanced arrangement grouping logic
Single view reporting method
Arrangement summary page (arrangement, performance obligations, deferred and revenue balances, and accounting)

Flexibility in establishing performance obligations for customers

RevStream Revenue Arrangement Manager datasheet
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Post-Contract Adjustment

RevStream Transaction Hub supports modifications to transactions that may affect past, current, or future revenue calculations.

E.g., cancellations, credits, service period extension or contraction.


Post-contract adjustments under Arrangement Summary

Rule Based Arrangement Creation

Create arrangements based on orders and contracts received from upstream systems by using configurable rules to link transactions by any contract attribute and/or time threshold. Establish rules such as common PO number, common customer, or period of time. RevStream will then automatically establish an arrangement based on your established rules.


Rule based arrangement creation under Manage Arrangements

Proactive Arrangement Creation

Allow your revenue team to position themselves upstream in the sales cycle. Free them from the dreadful period end crush. Upon contract execution, immediately define the contract in RevStream as an Arrangement, establish Performance Obligations, and default revenue rules.


Proactive arrangement creation under Arrangement Summary

Other Features

360° View of Arrangements

RevStream's  Arrangement Summary provides all relevant aspects of a Revenue Arrangement in one easy-to-view location.

Managing Arrangements

RevStream manages your revenue policy, rules, and treatments to apply to contract lines.


Debundle sets of products into performance obligations and correctly allocate revenue, controlling release of revenue as the obligation is satisfied.

Contract Change

Initiate Contract Changes directly in Revenue Arrangement Manager or via integration. Make changes that affect transaction price, performance obligations, or revenue policy after contract execution.

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